Episode 4: Rogue One


In this episode, we chat with Jim Kardash, principal at Mayfield Secondary School. He shares his passion for learning and the school’s journey of their “gradeless” pilot.

What’s New in the World of EML?

Jim shared the work he is doing with a grade 5 teacher at Helen Wilson Public School. The “rules” he shared, and outlined to students during the initial Genius Hour session, are the 4Ps of creative learning (see Mitch Resnick’s new book Lifelong Kindergarten for more details).


Here is the student conversation that was featured in the podcast:


Amit shared the work he is doing with teachers from Stephen Lewis Secondary School, Lorne Park Secondary School, Clarkson Secondary School, Lincoln Alexander and Mayfield around creating an Open Source Resource for Grade 9 science that will help go beyond a traditional textbook. This is a work in progress, and once it’s complete, the teachers will be getting feedback from students on how it is working for them. Once the final touches are put on it, the teachers are hoping to release it out to the system.

Amit also mentioned a quotation from Brian Aspinall:

“Once we accept that school is nothing more than an idea that we’ve all agreed to follow, the possibilities become limitless.”

You can hear the Ignite Talks from the Mindshare EdTech Leadership Summit 8th on voiced.ca

Links from the Interview with Jim Kardash

Jim shared his book recommendation of Empower by A.J. Juliani & John Spencer

Contact Jim: Jim Kardash on Twitter
Contact Mayfield: Mayfield on  Twitter

Shares for the Week 

Jim shared the graphic below that summarizes the student, teacher and organizational shifts involved in moving from a compliance-focused education system to an innovation-focused education system. (This graphic was created by Tom Downs, a founding teacher at D39C, following a series of conversations with Kaleb Rashad, director of High Tech High).


Amit shared an article by Jesse Stommel on Why I Don’t Grade as well as two quotations that resonated with him:

“Grades (and institutional rankings) are currency for a capitalist system that reduces teaching and learning to a mere transaction.”

“Research shows three reliable effects when students are graded: They tend to think less deeply, avoid taking risks, and lose interest in the learning itself.”

He also challenged teachers to take one assessment that you traditionally assign a grade to, and only provide feedback to students to see how it goes. 

4 thoughts on “Episode 4: Rogue One

  1. Sorry … Made a typo … Here is the post:

    Fantastic episode guys!! Great quotes about how grades effectively boil ‘learning’ down to a transaction and how if grades are what teachers focus on it will also be what students will focus on too. Keep up the great work … Looking forward to my episode and what witty title you will assign it😎


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