Episode 5 – Family Ties

SupnaIn this episode Amit interviews Sapna Khosa who is a Grade 6 teacher at James Grieve Public School who shares how she is creating a positive Learning Culture and Learning Environment with her students and how when students feel like they’re part of a family in their class, the learning opportunities are endless.

What’s New in the World of EML?

Amit shared his experience with the staff and students at Larkspur Public School and the work they did to promote 21st Century Competencies and Models of Learning by using a Breakout EDU kit. The students were very excited about the experience as the video below show.

Breakout EDU at Larkspur


Jim recounted a recent conversation with a grade one teacher who, just last week, was beginning to see significant improvements in self-regulation among her students after two months of focus on the development of empathy, kindness and self-regulation. Jim shared a few examples of how she works with students to carefully listen and to help them (teach and model) to work through conflicts when they arise. Students witness and experience repeated positive and constructive social interactions that, over time, build feelings of safety, caring and kindness. In turn, these become a normal part of the culture of the class. She cites Stuart Shanker’s book Calm, Alert and Learning as an excellent resource.

Links from the Interview with Sapna Khosa 

Shares for the Week

Jim shared a recent article from the Toronto Star which describes a survey that showed how almost half of Ontario youth miss school because of anxiety. Mental illness and mental health are important issues that need to be continually addressed and considered.

Links to Peel Board’s Bullying Prevention Resources:

Amit shared an article about How Project-Based Learning Unleashes Students’ Creativity by Pamela Brennan and Brandi Zivilik that talks about moving outside of the four walls of the learning environment to involve the community in project-based learning. It’s a great way to promote collaboration, creativity and help our students “as a community of learners”. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 12.07.05 PM

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