Episode 12 – The Next Generation


In this episode, we interview Lynn Filliter who is the Curricular Lead Learner of Voice at Jean Augustine Secondary School. She shares the work she is doing around providing students with voice and choice in her classes and how she’s helping the “next generation” of students learn how to be an integral part of their assessment journey and learning process. 

What’s New in the World of EML?

Jim shared work he was doing at Agnes Taylor PS just before the winter break. He and a teacher began to co-plan the structure of the remainder of the year for the media literacy classes she is teaching. She provides planning time by focusing on the language arts media literacy component, providing learning activities in grades 1-3. In addition to the Ontario Language Arts curriculum, we also found the Center for Media Literacy web site a good resource:


We found many resources online (e.g., MediaSmarts) but it was very difficult to find ideas that were highly effective for early primary students.

A project-based learning approach was used to organize each month’s activities with specific focus on opportunities for students to explore, reflect, make and share. Collecting evidence of learning through observations, conversations, reflections and ongoing work on projects will be crucial for effective assessment.

Amit shared the work that he was doing with the teachers, administration and office manager at Palgrave Public School around using the Google Suite. He mentioned how, while it is just a tool, it can be something that is empowering to all learners and emphasized how everyone is a learner when it comes to these tools.

He also talked about the upcoming Google Parents’ Night that will be happening in February at James Bolton Public School. It’s an opportunity for families to come by and learn about the tools that their children have available to them.

Links from the Interview with Lynn Filliter

  • Lynn spoke about the book Essentialism by Greg McKeown and how the school has modelled it’s 6 beliefs around that. 
  • She also talked about the book How to Give Effective Feedback  by Susan Brookhart and how the teachers in her school are learning more about giving feedback and how to effectively incorporate Assessment as Learning.
  • Lynn’s professional Twitter handle is @AssessmentGeek
  • Her personal Twitter handle is @MrsFilliter
  • The department’s Twitter handle is @JassVoice
  • She can also be reached by email at lynn.filliter@peelsb.com

Shares for the Week

Jim shared an Edutopia article entitled “Bringing Students Into Professional Development.” The article includes the rationale for the intentional and purposeful inclusion of student voice within the context of professional learning. Questions such as “Why should student voice be a part of PD?” and “How do I capture student voice?” are also addressed.

Amit shared information about the amazing new space that is being offered at the Chinguacousy Branch of the Brampton Public Library.

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 8.58.02 AM

The space was inspired by their new mandate to foster creativity and innovation which is a major shift from the quiet space that a library was seen as in the past. You can use the recording studio on a first come first served basis and simply have to sit in on a training session prior to using it.

The library also offers 3D printers and much more as part of their new Makerspace. They have partnered with Sheridan College and the City of Brampton to make these new spaces possible. For more information check out http://www.bramptonlibrary.ca/ .

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