Episode 13 – Born to Run


In this episode, we interview Luke Mahoney who is currently the principal at Brian W. Fleming Public School. Luke shares how he is supporting the learners in his building to run with their ideas through being a lead learner and creating innovative Learning Environments. He also talks about the value he places on providing equitable Access to Technology and what that means for learners to be empowered.

What’s New in the World of EML?

Jim visited a school learning environment designed by Kris Schuermann, a teacher librarian he has worked with in the past. He had a chance recently to see some of the exciting and empowering things going on at his current school, Aylesbury Public School. Jim also chatted with a few Grade 5 students about a six-week project they and their classmates were a part of in fall. It involved designing, building and coding LEGO Mindstorms robots to complete a specific task involving sensing and movement related to geometric shapes. 

One student spoke about collaboration, another about patience and perseverance, and the third spoke about how their projects were related to wide variety of traditional curriculum subjects. It was clear that the students understood the interdisciplinary nature of project-based learning. Please listen to the podcast to hear the girls themselves explaining their ideas and experiences. 

Amit shared the work he was doing with the Secondary Assessment Leadership Team (SALT) around Final Evaluations. He mentioned that teachers are creating sample final evaluations and reflecting on the process. The final evaluations are being made in line with both Growing Success and the AssessPeel Guide on Final Evaluations.

Links from the Interview with Luke Mahoney

Shares for the Week

Jim highlighted a useful resource created by Kris Schuermann, the teacher librarian at Aylesbury PS. The link connects to a Google Site where Kris includes photos and descriptions of his “Maker Education” Library space.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

He also explains the inquiry model he uses with students and describes each of the “maker stations” and what they contain. Other sections of his makerspace are mentioned that reveal more of the philosophy of his space, a philosophy which highly aligned with the EML vision. His space and approach is compelling example of the ideas in the EML vision being realized and put in practice. Mr. Schuermann on Twitter: @MrSchuermann

Jim also shared some of the ideas captured in this graphic by George Couros (original source):


Amit shared an article entitled The Greatest Challenge Facing School Leaders in a Digital World by Scott McLeod that talks about the challenges faced by school leaders when thinking about integrating technology. He mentioned moving along in the SAMR Model so that technology is not just being used as a substitution for learning, but that it is redefining what is possible. He also talked about Simon Sinek’s Start With Why and his Golden Circle that he uses in his book. 

Golden Circle

He finished off by talking a bit about the book Drive by Daniel Pink which mentions the idea of people needing autonomy, mastery & purpose in order to find passions and have something that drives them in their work.

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