Episode 26 – Futurama


In this episode we interview Melanie Mulcaster, who is a Teacher Librarian at Hillside Public School with the amazingly supportive principal Jim Brooks. She shares how she engages student voice & choice in their learning to help them be successful. She also shares her passion for Making and the positive effects it has on learners of all ages.

What’s New in EML

Jim shared some reflections of some co-teaching and co-learning he has been involved in with a grade 5 class who are working on coding-based genius hour projects. He noticed that the quality of the conversations he was having with students about what they were doing was unique (referring to the second meaning of quality, that is, of a different kind) than is typical in many cases. Students were using their code as the written language of problem solving and, in so doing, were able to have goal-based conversations with others to work out problems and plan how to put new ideas into action.

Amit shared the work that he is doing with teachers in the Business Department over at Castlebrooke Secondary School. This is an extension of the Project Based Learning approach the school is taking that Q Hoppie talked about back in Episode 14 – Inside Out. He talked about how they started their journey with Overarching Learning Goals, moved to the Learning Map, and then finished by “blowing up the course” and reorganizing based on the Overarching Learning Goals and the Final Evaluation. He also mentioned that students will be having their Market over at the school on May 24th.

Links from the Interview with Melanie Mulcaster

In the interview, Melanie mentioned:

Shares for the Week

Building on Melanie’s interview and her discussion of students and making, Jim shared his understanding of constructionism (this term is sometimes used in discussions about making and the maker movement). He sees eight essential elements of constructionism outlined in this resource called Constructionism – Concept, Conditions, Practice & Examples which he shared at BringIt 2016:constr_invis.png

Amit shared a blog post by Matt Miller where he talks about using Google Slides as a template to create digital yearbooks, and that you can even have them printed from there if you need to. He talked about how Kasey Bell refers to the tool as the “Swiss Army Knife of the Google Suite” and also shared that there’s is some more learning to be done about Google Slides through the GEG-Ontario Learning Series.

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