Episode 27 – The Day After Tomorrow


In this episode, we interview Sayema Chowdhury who is a Climate for Learning & Working Resource Teacher in the Peel District School Board. She shares how in her work she helps build relationships with all staff so they can be their best selves in their learning environments.

What’s New in the World of EML

Jim has been working with some teachers from Wilfrid Laurier PS who are at the very beginning of transforming the library space into a modern learning space, aligned with the Empowering Modern Learners vision and Together for Learning. It’s exciting to think, rethink, redesign, vision, plan. One of the key principles we are thinking about is the idea that the space will continue evolve and change in response to students and learning needs. One of the many very interesting / inspiring messages in Together For Learning are the pedagogical shifts inherent in the learning commons (page 35) and these are being reflected upon very carefully at these early planning stages:

Ped Shifts TfL

Amit shared the work he is doing with a grade 3 teacher over at Larkspur Public School around Design Thinking and using an Empathy Map. The students watched the film “Soar” and worked through an Empathy Map in an effort to prepare for designing their outdoor learning environment that is coming to the school soon.

Links from the Interview with Sayema Chowdhury

In her interview, Sayema talked about:


Shares for the Week

Jim continued to build on Seyema’s theme of relationships and learning together. She talked a lot about creating spaces where student voices are heard and where we are building relationships so that student feel safe and can bring their authentic selves into the space. Again, as described in Together for Learning, the Learning Commons provides a space where everyone in a school can work together. Teachers, teacher-librarians, principals, technical staff, students–all can collaborate in learning partnerships. And it is place where the school community can switch the emphasis from teaching to learning. With everyone learning together and sharing how learning happens consistently, the learning process will become a natural part of a student’s being.


Amit shared the Findings and Recommendations from the Independent Review of Assessment and Reporting that can be found here. He mentioned the different overviews and recommendations that were made to make changes to both Growing Success as well as EQAO. He was pleased to see the links between the work of Empowering Modern Learners and the recommendations that are being made to the Ontario Government for changes to assessment and reporting. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 3.17.26 PM

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