S2 Episode 5: The Guardians pt 2

This week we resume our conversations with Phil Dodson and Gwen Reitemeier. 

This or That? Edcamp vs Traditional PD

Jim joined us and shared why he enjoys the Edcamp model over more traditional PD. It all comes down to choice and just in time learning. Emily argues that there is still a place for regular PD as well.

What’s New in EML?

Nicole shared an experience helping a group of grade 3s get started with green screen for a trip to various structures around the world. What she hadn’t anticipated was the chance to show a student how to get started with Stop Motion Studio and seeing what he would create in only a few minutes. He was ready to be an expert and share his new knowledge with the class.

Emily described her fun day at the Hackergal event put on by Melanie Mulcaster and Matt Arduini of Hillside PS and Clarkson SS respectively. A kickoff by CIO Adam Hughes The girls involved worked through challenges and coded in python.

Not to worry, the boys weren’t left out. They explored MicroBit with Fair Chance Learning and InkSmith and did some designed and built some windmills with the help of Michael Pryce.

From the Interview

Peel Aboriginal Network – Indigenous Friendship Centre

Try This!

Jim introduced us to a chrome extension called Insert Learning, which allows you to add instructional content into webpages and attach it as an assignment in Google Classroom.

We’re taking time off for the winter break, but will be right back at it January 9th.

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