S2 Episode 7: Victorious

In this week’s episode we speak with social worker Marvin Arthur about his role as a part of the Reaching Out program and some ideas for keeping kids engaged in the classroom.

This or That: Live Streams or YouTube?

Emily and Nicole talk out some of the ways live streams like those available through earthcam.com can add some global perspective, but YouTube remains champ. With a seemingly infinite library of videos you are bound to find something for the subject you might be diving into. Not to mention 360 and VR content that is now available. Don’t just use videos for research and to gather information. Video can be a great way to get students to write descriptively as they try to convey the images and sounds in a vivid way.

What’s New in EML?

Nicole recaps her visits with grade 6 and 7 classes to explore the new and improved Scratch 3.0 The challenge to both students and teachers was to animate a joke told between 2 characters. If you are curious about the model project I used to introduce the challenge, check it out here.

Emily reflects on helping a school’s climate team consider how they might implement a school wide gentle entry. Students are late for various reasons, but we want them to feel welcome rather than judged. Gentle entry offers a way for students to ease into the day by choosing an activity that is a good fit for them until.

From the interview:

Peel Alternative School Information

Rewarding with Screen Time is Harmful for Children

Try This!

Mindfulness can include many activities. Explore what rebalances your students, whether it’s some DPA, a walk, some quiet time outside or meditation.

The Calm app has a Calm School Initiative that will give teachers free access to the meditation app.

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