S2 Episode 8: Control

In today’s episode we sit down with Susie Ellis, Instructional Coach and “Self-Regger” to discuss the role self regulation plays in teaching and learning.

This or That? Virtual Field Trips vs Virtual Guest Speakers

Emily is introduced to Exploring by the Seat of your Pants as a way to bring in extraordinary guest speakers. We discuss how the experience might compare to virtual field trips like those offered through Google Expeditions.

What’s New in EML?

Nicole shares her recent experience facilitating a carousel session at a staff meeting. More and more administrators are providing differentiated learning for their staff rather than the one size fits all sit and get staff meetings we traditionally see.

Emily shares the #Peel21st #TipsinTwo video resources that are produced by the MLRTs on a weekly basis. They can be accessed from the EML Resource Page for Educators or in this Twitter Moments collection.

From the Interview


The MEHRIT Centre Twitter

The MEHRIT Centre Blog

Susie’s Self Reg Resource Page (To be linked shortly)

Try This

Bring in current events or news stories into the classroom. Check out newseum.org or Kiosko.net for front pages from around the world.

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