S2 Episode 9: Big Hero 6

This week Emily sits down with Christian Stepien, a gr1/2 teacher and k-6 planning time with a modern learning focus at Plowman’s Park PS.

This or That?: Podcasting vs Video Production

Emily and Nicole discuss some of the differences in these two mediums, explaining you can have more involvement in a video than on a podcast because podcasting generally requires a smaller crew. The use of green screen, the need for props/costumes, stage direction, and more add layers and can provide more opportunities for collaboration with video projects. With that said, for the most part you can have the same success criteria and both mediums could allow students to show what they know.

What’s New in EML

Nicole describes her time with a grade 6 class introducing micro:bit as a part of the Let’s Talk Science – Living Space experience. Students enjoyed having success with a new tool for coding – They were already familiar with Scratch. Students coded a step counter that actually works, and added motivational messages, a clear counter command and more. Giving them time to explore openly also led to a cool discovery and a birthday acknowledgement!

Emily describes a visit with a Kindergarten team to talk documentation. They discussed focusing on learning goals to help narrow the focus of documentation so as not to be overwhelmed and how to track which students have more or less documentation so educators can direct attention towards learners who fly under the radar. Student use of technology through creation apps, is another way to collect documentation directly from student created products at an iPad centre. Having students be a part of documenting their learning while their young and open will hopefully become habit so that as they get older they continue to share and reflect on their learning so the assessment process can include them. Digital portfolio options are many, and there is a new kid on the block in the form of Brightspace Portfolios from D2L. This K-12 portfolio has the potential to remain with students throughout their schooling.

From The Interview

Try This

A digital breakout is a learning experience where students explore links and resources in order to solve puzzles or find various codes. They input the codes into a form that employs data validation so learners can’t move on without having the correct code. Here is an example.

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