S2 Episode 10: The Philosopher’s Stone

In today’s episode we chat with Mark Uriarte and Tiffany Mackay a teacher and Instructional Coach at Champlain Trail PS.

This or That? iPad vs Chromebooks

As is becoming a theme with the discussions Emily and Nicole decide each has its role. iPad is still a go to for creative products while chromebooks gives access to the productivity tools for planning and collaboration through the Gsuite.

What’s New in EML?

Nicole shares her experience running a session at the Black History Month Celebration at CBO. The day kicked off with with some awesome performances and a keynote by Natasha Henry. Then students got to head to breakout sessions. Nicole’s session had students creating a website or clickable app prototype to showcase black inventors, historical figures, entertainers and more. Google sites makes it easy for learners to create sites with text, video and embedded content. Creating a clickable app prototype just involves, changing the page setup, adding shapes, images and text boxes and hyperlinking them between slides to simulate the navigation you’d want from an app.

Emily describes the conversations she has had around Google Sites for student created portfolios. Putting students in control of curating their learning. It can happen in different formats due to the flexibility of sites, and can be for single projects to show process, full courses, or follow an individual student long term across subjects and grades.

From the Interview

Try This!

Over the years elementary schools have received Lego Mindstorms EV3 robots. If you haven’t seen it before, find out if it is in use somewhere, or find where it is and dust it off. As you can see from the sumo tournament action above, these robots are small but mighty with motors, sensors and all kinds of pieces to design and code something awesome. Check out this video of an EV3 in action.

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