S2 Episode 11: The NeverEnding Story

This week we get to hear the great things Ruthie Sloan is doing in the Innovation Studio at James Grieve PS supporting students from K-3 and core French.

This or That: Live PD vs Twitter Chats

Emily and Nicole agree that both have their benefits. With live PD you can get deep into topics and really engage with the people who are face to face with you. A Twitter chat on the other hand, broadens your audience. In some cases you can get answers from around the world. PD in your PJs is a definite draw, as your learning is documented, but the fast pace may be overwhelming for some. Having both options means you can choose what works for you under different circumstances.

What’s New in EML?

Nicole shares about a conversation with some aspiring podcasters. Advising them on everything from branding, and sponsorship to episode length and format. With the podcasting kit from the lending library, the students are on their way to creating something they can launch to an audio. Keep an ear out, for more info about the podcasts.

Emily discusses planning for a parent engagement night. These nights are important for keeping parents connected, and helping them to see what is happening in the school their children attend. Parents will be introduced to the Makerspace, as well as other stations like a universal design challenge, Kahoot and EML, and an EML overview.

From the interview

Visit Ruthie’s Twitter page to check out some of the learning that goes on in the Innovation Studio.

Try This!

This week we are encouraging you to try out a Twitter chat. With many different chats available, including book chats, subject specific chats and Peel’s very own #Peel21st chat, there are fantastic opportunities to connect with colleagues from the comfort of your own home. #Peel21st chats happen on the first Tuesday of every month from 8:30-9:30. If you missed last night’s chat, don’t fret, you can still have your say in the March Madness App Competition. Just keep an eye out for the polls throughout this month, vote, and see which app comes out on top!

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