S2 Episode 12: The Good Place

In this jam packed episode, the new Coordinating Principal of Modern Learning Luke Mahoney steps in to co-host with Emily, and Nicole chats with grade 5 Reema Khithani, teacher candidate Jenna Marinucci and a couple of students.

This or That? Traditional desks or standing workstations?

Luke and Emily debate the merits of both of these seating options. As always choice is important, but making the right choice for the purpose or need at the time. Flexible seating doesn’t have to cost a thing.

What’s New In EML

Luke dishes on his visit to the Google Canada head offices. He describes the balance between planning for comfort and enjoyment and efficiency. Noting that for Google the bottom line is still productivity, and creating the conditions under which their staff can do their most creative, collaborative and innovative at work. See for yourself:

Emily shares some of the great things going on at the Field Centre with Rob Ridley including his cool new parabolic mic. Capture the sounds of nature and then layer on your own music in Audacity or GarageBand to create your own mindfulness soundscapes.

From the Interview

Try This! Word Association

See how your colleagues or students associate EML terms with a quick game of word association. OR try it with another topic. It can make a fun get to know you activity, or help to surface connections between ideas and students own schema.

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